Yahoo just had come out with the beautiful weather app for all the iPhone users that is easy to use and filled with useful information with NO clunky look :)

Checking the weather forecast is daily routine work for everyone. For most of us, knowing the current weather conditions of the place we have travelled or of our dream destination is the moment of anticipation or could even be a topic of discussion with strangers. aren’t you constantly checking the weather conditions on your cell phone or is it just me?

Ever wonder what could be the current weather of New York City? Is it a cloudy day or sunny day?

Well, Yahoo just released an independently operating weather app for iPhone users.  Yahoo! Weather for iPhone, that uses location and specific images to show the current weather conditions you want to know around the world at any given time from your Smartphone.

Yahoo with integration with the Flickr community have brought together the beautiful images to show the current weather conditions and all the detail forecast you want to know about your city.

Surprising things to know about the Yahoo weather app

An California based company, created a new weather app that will provide current temperature and forecasts on top of the slideshows featuring the pictures of landmarks or other local sceneries in the cities that are chosen by the user.

Yahoo weather app 

The initial screen will look simple and nice. It will show all the basic things like, the current temperature, the days highs and lows, the local time of that city and a short description of the current weather condition of the city you are searching for.

The pictures are derived from Flickr’s “Project Weather” community on the site powered by Yahoo but will operate separately from iPhone’s built in weather app. The app doesn’t promote Yahoo’s brand in the app panel.

FYI: The Flickr group is already in existence and is open for anyone to submit photos. The photos are selected by staff members so that you won’t wind up with any surprises!

If the app doesn’t find any suitable photo of exact city you are looking for, it will pull up the nearby major landmark and will update the weather forecast you are looking for.

For the places where no photos are submitted, Yahoo shows a generic weather based photo. For example, a cloudy day will be represented by a photo of clouds in the sky.

The images get changed on weather conditions and the time of the day, thus you wont be seeing the same picture late at night that you checked in the morning.

Yahoo weather app 

The weather data is presented very neatly, but the amazing thing here is the design of the app itself. it’s like a million impressive thing with the changing of background images when you dive into more details.

The app also features rich in terms of content. A five day weather forecast, a radar showing a high level overview of conditions and the wind pressure information as well as the timings of sunset and sunrise for that city/area is also shown.

The Yahoo Weather App is indeed a very useful and informative app for the geeks who want a quick overlook of the weather conditions of any city around the globe.

Yahoo Weather for iPhone is now available at Apple’s App Store.


At first glance: The next generation devices probably may hit the grounds with unbreakable, flexible phone screens.

The Technology Industry so far has surpassed the lifestyle of common people by inventing revolutionary tech gadgets such as wearable tech coats, Google Glasses and is now a step towards a bigger revolution in screens and displays those that can be bent, folded and stretched up :)

The future devices may appear very different in looks with screens that can be rolled out and even get stretched in terms of toady’s heavy, bulky and breakable glass displays.

Well, that could be a cool surprise for all the tech lovers around the globe!

A Reveal of Flexible OLED Phone by Samsung Electronics

Samsung Flexible display screen

Samsung, The Korean Electronics Company has shown off a revolutionary ‘bending’ phone that could be virtually unbreakable.

According to the sources, the screen is expected to tie up with Samsung gadgets which ran with Microsoft phone software, though were only prototypes.

The screen doesn’t appear to be flexible enough but could be bend into a tube. These types of screen uses the OLED technology.

 More about OLED Display for newbie’s

OLED Displays

OLED is a brand new technology using which the light-emitting organic materials, beautiful and efficient displays can be produced. OLED’s are very thin and they can be put on flexible materials like plastic or metal foil etc, thus making them possible to bend. As these displays are not covered with glass, thus they are more durable and virtually splinterproof.

These displays are not used in market still, but Samsung and LG displays seems to be closest to explore this new technology in their upcoming new models.

FYI: The OLED chemicals are extremely sensitive to oxygen, thus they need to completely covered off from air.

Coming on the topic, Samsung used this technology in many of their phones already though with glass screens but for the bendable phone, Samsung placed the chemicals over thin plastic instead of glass.

They say, “ the concept of the flexible screen has been around for some time, but it finally looks as if Samsung is really going to deliver on that technology”.

Rumors are in the air singing that Samsung may use this OLED display technology in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Wow!

There is a gradual change in the technology world and we as the users should welcome each and every change. You have something, a material, and you are looking for an application, That’s the Game!


Facebook announces a new app Facebook Home, that allows its users to experience Facebook features on their Android phones, Go social with Facebook HOME!

Facebook is taking over the Android OS( Operating System),  sounds interesting!

But what do that mean exactly?

Mark Zuckerberg, the maker of the world’s largest free online social network Facebook, had step up ahead of this modern communication media and launched an app aka  Facebook Home allowing its users a tone-setting home screen that will make android phone more personal than ever.

The Facebook CEO quoted “Instead of our phones being designed around apps … we can flip that around and design our phones around people first,”

More facts about Facebook Home App

Facebook Home

Facebook Home app turns out to be the modern way of connection over Facebook using mobiles or tablets. It is similar to Android launcher apps as it changes the home screen of the device as well as the way of accessing of the app.

Home app when installed presents the latest Facebook updates from your friends on the home screen of your mobile phone. Also it permits users to update their Facebook status directly from the home screen.

In today’s scenario, apps are rather more important. We spend almost the day messaging and communicating over phones.  Messaging is treated like an another essential app. Switching between apps causes irritation, we want to talk to people and not with the apps.

Facebook Home

Thus, not to get in more annoyance, Home app brings a Facebook Chat Heads feature when a friend messages you. Also it pops up a person’s face and tapping on their face you can start a conversation without loosing any context of what you are doing behind the app.

FYI: Chat Heads means you don’t have to leave the current work you are doing. It just allows the communication to flow and also allows to let you tap between multiple messages threads.

The new Home App is extremely visual and features wall-to-wall images with covered text like news feed, timeline and other recently designed Facebook experience.

To get Facebook Home now, just open up the Facebook Messenger on your Android phones that will prompt you to download the app.

You can also download Home app from Android Play as well as now Facebook Home available for download on Google Play for a limited selection of Android devices like HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Are Facebook and Google Rivals or Friends?

Now that could really a tricky question to answer…

Well, This is of course not the first time that Facebook has focused a huge amount of attention, time and its valuable efforts on Android. Rather, the social network has put it engineering long back behind the Android code and even offer the King of search engine, Google an OS saving hookup in its hour of need.

As far as I know, Facebook and Google began to compete each others more on a social ground. Actually their relationship is bit more dependent when it comes to Android.

A Facebook Engineer quoted” We are a very significant app to them and they are a very significant platform for us”.

Well, we can assume that being in good relationship with one another Facebook and Google could reach at great new heights. Wishes!

How Facebook Emoticons will help you in expressing your sentiments?

Facebook, world’s largest and widely used social networking website has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Likewise, you are able to convey your state of feeling with Facebook Emoticons.

FYI: Emoticons are the little graphic faces, great in expressing whatever you happen to be feeling at any given moment, whether it is sadness, happiness, joy or boredom!

Facebook Emoticons1

Emoticons are best in expressing our current mood and have become popular part of messaging. We can say it has the power of conveying our status of sentiments at that particular moment.

Facebook knows everything about your moods

Facebook recently started testing emoticons in the status updates on user profiles, permitting members to add anything from a smile face to an ice cream cone or anything related to the current mood of our mind.

Now, Facebook is finally getting around to adding emoticon-based status updates to the rest of its app.

The social site, Facebook has moved out the feature offering a variety of emoticons to choose from. It has been listed just next to the small icons for adding a picture/videos, a small, cute smiley face now occupies a space with prompt: “Share how are you feeling / what are you doing.”

Thus, we are enrolling ourselves into a more structured, more integrated era of communication where all our friends would come to know about the state, shades of our mind.

Facebook Emoticons

They say, the emoticons feature is available on a limited number of profiles, but according to Mashable it will be on all United States profiles very soon.

Getting started with Facebook Emoticons

if you want to start using the feature, simply click on the smiley button, a message will be flashed like “What are you doing?” and here you go… click on the specific categories: watching, listening,drinking, reading, feeling and eating. Clicking on the specific categories will disclose a wide range of emoticons and icons that reflects your current mood and what you have had for you lunch :)

If you are feeling tired, sad or happy, there is an emoticon for that too so that you can share your feelings with your friends in a very simple manner.

The new emoticon feature could be an interesting, concerning way of encouraging more communication on Facebook, but beware, Facebook is being watched! Facebook knows each of the activity of its users.

Just my thought, Do this digital media will ever express/understand the real human feelings? No matter Facebook emoticons adds a humorous twists to any conversation on this social networking sites, but the real human sentiments can never be replaced by these very emoticons.

Well, anything that allows people to interact effectively is surely a good thing in itself. Using emoticons and smileys in the FB chat can help in bringing a good conversation.

Heartiest Wishes to Facebook team ahead :)