Decohome: Everything You Need To Embellish Your Home Under One Roof

HOME… This four letter word means a lot in every individual life’s. How would you define Home? What are your perspectives of Home? Well, according to me, Home is a place where an individual can spend some peaceful time with their near and dear ones. A place where your mind and soul feels peaceful, serene and calm is called as Home.

Imagine a house that is well-furnished, well-colored and embellished with all needful stuffs. Wow…living in such house would certainly feel the experience of living in heaven. Well, recently we have renovated our house and we want to decorate it with all the coolest stuffs so that our children would feel like a heavenly experience living in it.

A house can be a 2BHK flat or bungalow or a mansion, size doesn’t matter, but the creativity in decorating the house always matters. We as parents always try to comfort our children with all the coolest stuffs available in the market. I too had done a lot of hunt over selecting the décor stuffs for my house. I have searched in local market as well as online. After searching hell lot of décor websites, I stumbled across Decohome.  Indeed I found everything I need for my house under one roof!

About Decohome

DecoHome is an online décor website. The tagline itself is very catchy “Jazz up your Home”. I found everything what I needed for my house on this website like, from curtains, to door seals, from cushions, bedding to wall shelving’s everything on this website. I am feeling lucky to come over on this superb décor website.

Door Seals

We often spend half of the time in wiping and cleaning every corner of our home, isn’t it? And above all there is nothing frustrating that noticing the dirt on the table tops you just have wiped clean! Where this dirt does comes from? Is often a question to all the housewives? Even if we keep our windows closed through the day, we can still see the dirt on the table tops. Well, instead of keeping the windows close, you may want to take a look at the gap under your house doors, it is the real entrance of the dirt and germs to enter in your home. Here is the role of Door Seals come! Fitting the door seals under the door is an ideal way to keep away dirt as well as insects from entering in house. The rubber seals also provide an airtight seal which provides the seeping out of cold AC air and also reduce the infiltration of light, dust, air and rain. The door seals come in different shades and colors that can match with your homes décor. These are the very essential part in home décor and I personally recommend everyone to fix one on their door.

door seals decohome

Decorative Cushions

Cushions are the most requisite thing in any house. The decorative cushions instantly change the look and appearance of house and make it look elegant. Arranging the cushions creatively on sofa or over the bed creates an artistic look in house. Choosing the right cushions is as important as choosing wall paint or your décor themes. On Decohome, there is a plethora of options available in various sizes, colors and affordable prices. Show off your creativity by making use of these decorative cushions. I bet they are amazingly beautiful!

cushions decohome

Wall Shelving

Keeping the books or a flower vase here n there in home creates a messy look, isn’t it? To avoid this and to create an eye-catchy look of your house, you can make use of different kinds of wall shelves. Place it over the wall to keep a beautiful flower vase or arrange your favorite books on them, will certainly create esthetic look of your house. Decohome has wide range of wall shelving’s in different size and colors. The wooden wall shelf will surely turn a romantic look of your house. The shelf brackets are absolutely necessary thing in your house. Grab one and see the change of appearance of your home!

shelf decohome

Garden Torches

We often see bulbs and LED’s lighten up in the porch of the house. In this modern age, the bulbs and LED’s are replaced by the brand new garden torches. They absolutely stand out of crowd because of their delightful look and shapes.  Garden torches are a fantastic new way in creating an everlasting look of your décor theme. Your outdoor décor is equally important like your indoor décor. Creating a new look of your outdoors certainly highlight your overall décor theme and let you stand out of the crowd!

garden torches decohome


Resting on soft, colorful bedding makes an individual feel peaceful and serene. Selecting the perfect bedding according to your décor theme is actually a hard task. One needs to be very creative while selecting the perfect bedding for adults as well as for kids. On Decohome your half work is get done in minutes. You can see wide range of bedding sets from linen to cotton in variety of colors. The attractive colors of bedding sets give a pleasing sensation to eyes and tranquilize or mind and soul. There is wide range available to choose the best bedding set which attracts you on Decohome.

bedding decohome

Come; let’s create a beautiful, delightful décor theme for your dream home with Decohome, a Home where your mind resides in peace and tranquility! Barter At Its Best, No Buy, No Sell, Just Exchange!

From past few days I was searching for the online selling websites as I want to exchange some of my household goods. Well, good search always ends best, yes! I have come across the newly launched online barter site, I loved their concept of exchanging goods in hassle-free way and thus I am reviewing the website.

barter site

Well, in the current scenario there is no one who don’t tempt for freebies and giveaways, isn’t it? Yes, we all love them.

Getting our good exchanged in a hassle-free way and getting what we want in return is the amazing idea in itself. Barter system was very famous during the ancient ages. People used to exchange goods in return of what they desire to have. You must be thinking why am I telling you all these things? Well, deals in the same way with numerous exciting offers in this modern era. Let’s see how this amazing websites work:

Check the real heck here

“Bina Cash, karo Aish” is super cool tagline of this online selling website. The domain itself is eye-catchy, isn’t it?

They have a very simple goal in mind, they say “We are going to change the world in the way people exchange items and services and we will make sure that they get better value out of it”.

“At we use simple technology in complex ways, to make sure every exchange has your faida (profit) in it. Realize a better value of your unwanted stuff by exchanging it for something you may need/want or desire at”

Well, having such a nice initiative for exchanging our goods will certainly would be beneficial for us also. Thus for exchanging my own household goodies, I have registered myself on

It could be a perfect time for you guys also to exchange your good with the product you are thinking to buy since long time, so let’s start…

Searching the product of your choice is so simple

At, you will find a Search Option, wherein you can easily find the desired product of your choice. The concept here is very simple and systematic. The products are arranged category wise and the user interface is absolutely friendly from the other barter sites.

‘Chat Now’ option for getting the complete deal done

Exchanging products is going to be as easy as it could be on For that you just have to click on ‘I want it’ button to send your query. There is ‘I’ll Give it’ button where you can add the list of things which you want to get exchanged. If you find the desired person online who is looking for the things you want to get exchanged, you can easily chat with him/her to complete the deal by using “Chat Now” option.

Exchange your old jewelry with the new one

jewelry barter site

Getting a new jewelry is every woman’s desire. Women’s are actually discovering new and stylish jewelry patterns on various websites. But what to do of the old ones is the main question in front of them. Here comes the role of, where you can exchange your old jewelry with the new, elegant designs of your choice. Not only jewelry, you can go for mobiles, tablets, furniture’s, books, stationary items, clothing, luggage’s and many more in the list.

Benefits of

  • Exclusively a Barter Website, No Purchase, No sell, Just Exchange!
  • Get reward points and badges too!
  • Helps in building the eco-friendly environment with Recycle and Reuse idea!

About in brief:

The company was recently founded in 2015 by the team of experienced persons. The founders of the company are Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Vipul Paliwal. The founders belive in giving their customers a quality experience on each of their visit on has certainly brought a new revolution in online shopping by bringing back the barter system. Not only this, it has taken a great initiative in making the world a better place in barter system by encouraging reusing, recycling and shared economy.

barter site

For everything you do on, you will get reward points and badges. The team believes in exchanging goods rather than selling or buying as your old stuff could be a newer one for someone else.


So hurry up, switch your unused/old things with the useful ones as exchanging is the best idea than buying or selling. Log on to and barter your welter with some useful things instead of casting them away.

Come on, let’s make India’s largest barter system site!







Windows XP Support Has Ended, Now What’s Next?

Microsoft has said Goodbye to Windows XP. This means the support for Windows XP has come to end from now onwards.

Microsoft Windows XP  wordmark official                   (Photo Credits :Wikipedia)

Microsoft Windows XP wordmark official (Photo Credits :Wikipedia)     


Microsoft provided support to Windows XP from past 12 years. But the time has come now to make necessary updates on the OS (Operating System) itself so that Microsoft will able to root in recent technologies to give great new experiences to its users.

Despite Microsoft’s best effort to convince the users to upgrade to a latest version of Windows, there are still millions of them who are using Windows XP.

What’s the next step for those users now?

So, if you are among one of them, who are still using Windows XP, the big question is what’s next after the support has ended?

There are bunch of articles available on net warning about the security in using Windows XP, incoming hacker storm, but how genuine is the scenario?

Well, I have tried to enlist some points that will be useful to keep your Windows XP computer stay protected.

Download the latest update of Windows XP


Microsoft Windows Update
Microsoft Windows Update

When it is said that XP support ends in April, it means that Microsoft will no longer be circulating any kind of security updates for this OS. So, it’s a good deal to download the latest security updates NOW!

Set Up your Anti-Virus

You need to have proper security software installed in your PC/Laptop to stop faults in Windows XP being overworked. You need to choose a proper Anti-virus tool, as your current security is might be on risk.

FYI: Microsoft has agreed to provide Anti-Malware updates to Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP until 2015.

However, Microsoft Security Essentials is free, but there are many other options available in market too including suites from Kaspersky and others.

Switch Browsers

The web browser is the only place where most of the users end up getting infected with a virus or malware

Well, if you are using Internet Explorer under Windows XP, it’s high time now to stop using it as Windows XP ONLY supports Internet Explorer 9.

Instead, move on to Firefox or Chrome. Both the browsers have up-to-date versions of Windows XP and even Mozilla and Google are bound to support XP for at least one more year.

Take data backups and migrate to new Windows destination

If you are using Windows XP since long, moving away can be hard. But there are services available that made it easier than ever before.

Microsoft had teamed up with Laplink to allow users to easily migrate their data.

The PCmover Express app from Laplink is free and will move over personal files, user profiles and settings to Windows 7 or any latest windows version 8 or 8.1

They say the free data transfer will not be able to move your apps.

Change is inevitable, but essential too

It’s very hard for some users to move away from Windows XP though the system is still in running phase. But time never stops for anyone, we have to move on and on for our better future.

As long as security software’s, drivers and other apps have Windows XP updates for them, the OS can be used securely and dependably.

At some point you will discover that the hardware and software does not support the OS, thus, moving on from Windows XP to its latest version would be a good deal.

Gmail Celebrates Its 10th Birthday Introducing Some New Features

Happy Birthday Gmail!

Happy Birthday Gmail!

On 1st April 2014, Gmail: The groundbreaking platform of Google celebrates its 10th birthday along with introducing new features Email Snoozing and Email Pinning.

1st April is widely celebrated as April Fool’s day all over the world, but on this very day 10 years ago, Google made debut of its email-service that offered massive amount of storage and numbers of innovative features.


From the beginning, Google has set itself unique. Being search company at the time and a little more, Search was one of the core features of Gmail.

Era of seemingly limitless cloud storage

Right from the start, Google never missed any opportunity to prove its uniqueness. Gmail effectively dominated the mail platforms like Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo because of its ability of massive storage space per account, threaded conversation views, ability to, 1GB of storage space per account, mail attachments up to 25MB in size and effective spam filtering.

More about the Email service

The email service was built in JavaScript known as Ajax, that allowed messages in inbox to appear without refreshing the entire page. Gmail first time used Ajax, though it had been there at that time but not that much popular in the mainstream.

Google took three years to made the service available for the users and was finally roll out on Valentine’s day in February 2007.

Gmail’s new feature updates

Email is one of those things that is used on regular basis otherwise completely ignored until you want to use it.

Now as Google has completed 10 years, it is exploring new, innovative ways to make email user-friendly and something that people actually want to use it.

On the list is more tabs, a new pin system and the power to temporarily quiet an email notification.

When an email hits in your inbox, you either read it or skip the reading. By the time, the email has dropped down to the bottom of your inbox, ohh!

When  mailbox was launched (its now owned by Dropbox) in January 2013, their solution was “Snooze” aka the ability to snooze an email to have it on the top as read until the timer goes off. Then it will float at the top of your inbox until it is unread.

This was an exciting feature and now Google is testing some new features for Gmail in which Snooze is also included.

Email Pinning is another great feature on the list. In plain English language, email pinning means to force an email to stick at the top of your inbox until you decide to unpin it.

Gmail's new Pin Icon Feature

Gmail’s new Pin Icon Feature

They say, if “Snoozing” is like hitting the snooze button on your alarm, then “Pinning” is like letting the alarm beep until you get out of the bed.

These two features will eventually allow you to make frequent responses on your important emails.

It is actually not the concluding version of Gmail, these features are still in their beta version and these shots are the result of Google trying out new features to see what and how it will work until they are made publically available.

The search giant’s main goal with each of these features is to give flawless service to its client and something that you can better  organize and manipulate to serve its customers needs.

Hope we would enjoy these services in coming future. Best wishes to Google team!




Yahoo’s New Weather App for iPhone users with Flickr Integration

Yahoo just had come out with the beautiful weather app for all the iPhone users that is easy to use and filled with useful information with NO clunky look :)

Checking the weather forecast is daily routine work for everyone. For most of us, knowing the current weather conditions of the place we have travelled or of our dream destination is the moment of anticipation or could even be a topic of discussion with strangers. aren’t you constantly checking the weather conditions on your cell phone or is it just me?

Ever wonder what could be the current weather of New York City? Is it a cloudy day or sunny day?

Well, Yahoo just released an independently operating weather app for iPhone users.  Yahoo! Weather for iPhone, that uses location and specific images to show the current weather conditions you want to know around the world at any given time from your Smartphone.

Yahoo with integration with the Flickr community have brought together the beautiful images to show the current weather conditions and all the detail forecast you want to know about your city.

Surprising things to know about the Yahoo weather app

An California based company, created a new weather app that will provide current temperature and forecasts on top of the slideshows featuring the pictures of landmarks or other local sceneries in the cities that are chosen by the user.

Yahoo weather app 

The initial screen will look simple and nice. It will show all the basic things like, the current temperature, the days highs and lows, the local time of that city and a short description of the current weather condition of the city you are searching for.

The pictures are derived from Flickr’s “Project Weather” community on the site powered by Yahoo but will operate separately from iPhone’s built in weather app. The app doesn’t promote Yahoo’s brand in the app panel.

FYI: The Flickr group is already in existence and is open for anyone to submit photos. The photos are selected by staff members so that you won’t wind up with any surprises!

If the app doesn’t find any suitable photo of exact city you are looking for, it will pull up the nearby major landmark and will update the weather forecast you are looking for.

For the places where no photos are submitted, Yahoo shows a generic weather based photo. For example, a cloudy day will be represented by a photo of clouds in the sky.

The images get changed on weather conditions and the time of the day, thus you wont be seeing the same picture late at night that you checked in the morning.

Yahoo weather app 

The weather data is presented very neatly, but the amazing thing here is the design of the app itself. it’s like a million impressive thing with the changing of background images when you dive into more details.

The app also features rich in terms of content. A five day weather forecast, a radar showing a high level overview of conditions and the wind pressure information as well as the timings of sunset and sunrise for that city/area is also shown.

The Yahoo Weather App is indeed a very useful and informative app for the geeks who want a quick overlook of the weather conditions of any city around the globe.

Yahoo Weather for iPhone is now available at Apple’s App Store.